A Conversation for Quark, Strangeness and Charm - Part 6


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Len (Snowie) Baynes

I never posessed a civilian motor bike, though our son and his wife each has a BMW and a Harley Davidson.
When I was the Sergeant in charge of our Carrier Platoon, however, I had an Army 350cc Norton.
When the platoon was on the road, it was my task to keep riding up and down the column of open tanks, to ensure they all kept the right distance apart, and that none was in trouble.
Travelling along a narrow road in The Boarders one day, there wasn't a lot of room for a biker, and I drove too close to a barbed wire fence, which tore the right hand side off my uniform, but left me without a single scratch.
My Gardian Angel is very good at his job!
I hope yours looks after you as well,when you are breaking through the sound barrier on yours, Quarky! Regards, Len .


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Len (Snowie) Baynes

Dear Editor
I see I have spelled The Borders wrongly. Please spare my shame and correct it before it goes into the Guide. Len


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Post Team

Can't correct spelling in forums Len, sorry. I am sure you can be forgiven for one spelling mistake though. smiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - thepost

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