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The following is best described as a pub-crawl through the hinterlands of the Alternative Writing Workshop. As the late, great, DNA said: "'What's so bad about being drunk?' - 'Ask a glass of water.'"

The first entry tells us something else about what is so bad about being drunk. It changed Alkland's life dramatically, permanently, and for the worse:
One For The Road - How I Lost My Job Through Drinking And Driving

Hobbes has a better way of getting home safely: He uses a Beer Scooter

Scorpion deRooftrouser recounts a morning after. Did you know that the term 'hangover' first appears in print in 1904? That is irrelevant to the enjoyment of this entry, though a couple of alka-seltzas and a bucket might help:Fear and Loathing in St Andrews

Mr Cat has a tale in which he was not drunk at all. Though he did find evidence of drunkeness - er - all around him in:A Tale of Spew Cities

And finally, we all know that at the end of the evening the strangest and simplest of things become hilariously funny. I love the complete and utter pointlessness of these entries by Phreako strange and simple though they are: Complete lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and as if that were not enough: Complete lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - 2

Oh, and if you are buying I'd like a dark rum and coke, make it a double with not much coke, and no ice or lemon, thanks.

The glass isn't half empty, there is room for another one in there!

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