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Mirror Particles sitting on Earth

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I found this article to be quite philisophically pleasing! smiley - cheers

I do have a concern, however:

From this article it seems that Mirror and Regular particles can only interact through gravity. Thus, couldn't mirror partlices simply slip through regular surfaces and eventually come to rest at the centre of gravity of a large object? After all, what prevents one's hand from being pressed through a table? Does it not ultimately result from the forces that keep the particles together? Since Mirror particles are not subject to feeling forces of Regular particles and only feel the pull of gravity, then I would think that there would not be any reminants of the Mirror partlices responsible for the blaze over Sibera. Also, this would surely prevent there being Mirror people strutting around Earth (Unless there happended to be a mirror planet here exactly like Earth.)

Man, all this thinking can't be good for me. smiley - erm

Keep up the good writing!


Mirror Particles sitting on Earth

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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

It isn't that mirror particles only feel the force of gravity.

You see, there are four fundamental forces:
1) Electromagnetism (photons);
2) Strong Nuclear Force (gluons);
3) Weak Nuclear Force (bosons);
4) Gravity.

Regular particles use regular photons, gluons and bosons, and mirror particles use mirror photons, mirror gluons and mirror bosons. So, the force that attracts opposite poles of magnets in the regular world is carried by regular photons and therefore does not affect the mirror world. Equally, the mirror electromagnetic force does not affect regular particles.

So mirror humans are possible if the theory is proved because they would operate in three mirror forces, independent from the ones that we feel. There is no differentiation between mirror and regular gravity, because gravity is the same all round.

I hope this answers your question. Thank you for the feedback.

Mirror Particles sitting on Earth

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Now this is getting fun!!

Now when we stand on the surface of Earth, or even lean against a wall, the particles do not move out of our way to allow us to fall through. I believe what makes a solid surface solid is the forces between the atoms that allow them to attract each other, yet repel each other enough so that the nucleous of atoms to not actually touch. The closest we get to this is electron clouds of different atoms merging with each other. Thus, what keeps a surface solid enough so that we don't fall in it (like water) ultimately comes down to (I think) electromagnetic forces. Now, mirror particles would not interact with the particles on the surface of Earth because "mirror electromagnetic force does not affect regular particles" and vice versa. Thus, mirror particles (say dust or reminants from a comet) would simply fall through the surface of Earth, unaffected by the electrostatic forces that would normally keep them on the surface. Thus, there should not be anything in Siberia to measure, as Ray Volkas suggests, in order to prove mirror matter's existance.

I guess my point is not that mirror people can not exist, but that they would be unable to walk upon a non-mirror Earth without falling to Earth's centre of gravity, since these mirror people would not be affected by non-mirror electromagnetic forces.

Mirror Particles sitting on Earth

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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

That is a good point. The mirror meteorite would indeed fall straight through Earth. Mirror meteorites could destroy mirror land, and likewise mirror people could only walk on mirror planets, because, as you say correctly, it is only electromagnetism that supports you.
Well done. You seem to have proved the physicists wrong!

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Mirror Particles sitting on Earth

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