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The war is still happening, and still sucks. 50 UK soldiers have been killed in the conflict, and hundreds of US soldiers have lost thier lives. The reasons given for this war have largely turned out to be lies.

My flatmate is very eloquent on this issue, and if you want to know in more detail how the arguments given for a war to 'disarm' Saddam were provably utter bullshite, please check out this site of his correspondance with government, which was taken in evidence by the Foreign Affairs Committee's investigation


Since the US/UK armies entered Iraq, things have not greatly improved for the Iraqi population, and in terms of security, power, and amenities alone the people have not felt greatly assisted by the 'liberating' western armies. Indeed they are increasing subject to 'terrorist attacks,' dragging the soldiers into a protracted guerilla war that seems to have attracted many fanatical muslims into Iraq to fight the USA. It has not been proved that there was a link between the secular Iraqi state and fanatical Al Quaida terrorists before Saddam was removed "Whatever the truth was before the war, the evidence that non-Iraqi terrorists with animus toward the United States are active in Iraq appears to be growing. "


Well, its Crass1 to say it, but we can still raise our voices in protest, take direct action and get goddam punk ass mad. The only reason that in the UK there is continuing pressure on the PM over this matter is that people who disagree with the war apply that pressure through political and social protest. Bliar said in court this week that if the BBC's allegations that the notorious Dossier on reasons for going to war in Iraq was 'Sexed up'2 then he ought to resign. I believe that the true reasons for this war were hidden and that the threat from Saddam and the likely cost of this war were intentionally kept from the public.


The DSEI is the Defense Systems and Equipment International exhibition and conference. Its basically a trade fair for great big guns, tanks, helicopters and all manner of ingenious tools to maim and kill. This year, just as there was last year and on September 11th 2001 there will be a series of gatherings to protest against this disgraceful trade.

On Saturday September 6, in London the "No Arms Fair" procession starts at noon. A Mass march through central London to protest against the booming weapons business. Meeting on Victoria embankment outside Temple station, then marching past Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and the MoD, ending just outside the imperial war museum in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park.


'Just a bit of fun' but you know there is probably something in the 'rich people's true agenda is oil' idea... I'll be seeing you down the docks3 at noon Saturday.
1punk injoke -check out the track 'so f*cking what' and 'fight war not wars' by Crass2hideous buzzword that means 'grossly exagerated to the point of dishonesty 3Its actually Victoria Embankment, on the Thames, but I can never resist a Bill Hicks quote

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