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First of all, what is a Jug Band?

Well, it all started in the American depression or thereabouts; groups of people would get together, usually in the street, and improvise music using improvised intruments. Typical instruments might have included a wash board, washtub /tea-chest bass(Wooden upturned washtub/tea-chest with a single string tied to a pole mounted on the tub/chest - played by plucking the string and angling the pole to change the pitch of the note). One of the more common intruments would have been a "jug" - basically what wine makers would call a demijon. Played by rasping into it, and gives a good strong bass rhythm sound.

The type of music was simple 3-chord blues - the inclusion of so many percussive type intruments invariable meant that the music had stomp-appeal - indeed some sources believe that this was the true forerunner of rock and roll.

Secondly, why Mardy Jug Band?

Its a bit of a joke really - the band was formed by a group of guys who used to turn up at the Mardy Hotel, Gorseinon, South Wales on a Tuesday
(Mardi in French!) The origin of the name Mardy is unknown - it may be a corruption of local slang for the local coal industry meaning black fields, or it may be something completely different. Nobody knows for sure.

The band are in great demand in South Wales, and introduce audiences to songs that many have never heard before. Additionally, everybody in the band can do soloes, ranging from the bass guitarists comedy songs to the rhythm guitarists complicated Clapton riffs.

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