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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

beats BYOB any day.


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

you know me well enough to believe I would only make a critical remark or enter into an area of critical inquiry if I thought it might have some positive result

so let me ask if you would agree that the caption of this cartoon ought to have stopped after the words "Care for a glass of radiator water?"

everything after that strikes me as an attempt by the author to rationalise the situation, to explain it for those who might otherwise not get it.

it worries me that he did this to somehow justify his existence or otherwise apologise for being a genius. I'm afraid he's wasted his time with me, since his existence and his genius are among the many wonders that make this Univerze such a great place to grow old in.

if you and he agree, perhaps we can petition shazz to make the necessary edit for the archives.

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

No. I don't agree.
I personally would have rephrased it entirely, but I make it a rule not to step on other people's gags unnecessarily.

Just as chords occasionally come to mind with the words when one is composing, sometimes the words and the images go together in the mind of the artist.

I know this happens to me.
Thus, what may seem to you to be a simple job of editing is actually fiddling with the recipe of the dish after it has been prepared.
Reverse chemistry can be a messy thing.


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Your point is well taken. And thank you for clarifying the subjective ommissions in my point of view of the thing.

Y'see, for me the first line was sufficient. It was hilariously funny and I identified with the surrealism.

Then, I just felt sorry for those who needed to have it explained or rationalised into something they could appreciate (if not completely understand) - the distillation of spiritous alcohols. And I empathised with the author for feeling the necessity to include 'them'.

There is IMHO altogether far too much dependence on alcohol injokes in our contemproary culture. It's as if a hot water radiator itself wasn't funny enough for the masses. Perhaps hot water radiators are simply too anachronistic for today's 'more efficiently' heated world. Sadly most people fail to see these things as they really are and need to see them in relation to their own laughable vices.

Yes you are right. I identified with the first line. Most would only identify with the second. Thanks for this opportunity to get introspective and justify my own existence, at least to myself.

smiley - peacedove
~jwf~ self righteous and free from the slavery aspects of booze smiley - cheers with a large scar on the back of me head from a collision with just such a hot water radiator at the tender age of ten (which may explain why I was thinking in surreal terms and all beverages and refreshments were far from my mind, then and now. except that now seems like a good time for drink after all.
smiley - cheers

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