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When thinking about the things my parents taught me I am torn between two emotions, agreeable appreciation and down right amusement!

These 'Pearls of Wisdom' which are passed down from generation to generation, remain with us, whether we believe in them or think they are the biggest pile of rubbish we could possibly imagine. But the remaining fact of the matter is, where would we be without them. It's like superstition, when things go wrong, we all like to blame anything other than our own lack of ability, so we fall back upon superstitions, or just plain bad luck - "It wasn't my fault, it's because the moon is retrograde in my sign" or something equally silly.

I thought you might appreciate a few examples of wisdom and superstitions, which have been passed down to me:

Good fortune will come to you if a black cat crosses your path. The more common variation on this is that black cats symbolise bad fortune and white good.

"Variety is the Spice of Life"

There are certain things that a woman should not have to do: Put petrol in her car, carve the roast, and clear up animal mess!

"We're all just prawns in the game". A modern more amusing variation on We're all just pawns in the game!

Never dance with another woman, and never turn down a dance with a man either.

Always keep your kitchen cupboards stocked with bottles of sauces, herbs & spices and other flavourings and you'll always have something tasty to eat. Worcestershire sauce is a vital compliment to any cooks kitchen.

Fathers will always say, "Ask your mother".

Mothers will always say, "Ask your father".

"You learn something new every day".

Keep your mushrooms in paper bags not plastic, or you can keep a fabric bag in the fridge, which keeps mushrooms very fresh.

Life is always full of hard knocks and obstacles but it's how we traverse around them that counts, preferably by remaining positive.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

A little faith will see you through.

Always be kind and tolerant towards people .

Believe in true love and happy ever afters.

So we have the rather daft old wives tales and then there's the true advice. This is the advice that shapes you and contributes towards making you who you are today. I'm sure there are many more examples of daft and serious advice but right now they are buried in my subconscious ready for those moments in life when I'll need them.

Now lets hear some of your pearls of wisdom or little superstitions perhaps even useful tips or suggestions which you have been passed down from your families. It will be interesting to see what variations we find.

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