A Conversation for Talking Point: The Worst Films Ever Made

Utter tripe!

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So many to chose from!

Titanic, as mentioned by others, was just plain awful: boring, too long, stupid and implausible love thing going on, I can't stand Leonardo de Thingy on purely irrational grounds.

Any of the Highlander films - they just felt like they had been cobbled together with very little imagination.

Star Wars: Phantom Menace (the 1st one of the new batch, I think I got the title correct) - one of the few films I've actually switched off quarter of the way through! Just plain boring and sfx-driven.

Any of the Carry On films - mainly because my humour has changed since I was a child and I no longer find them funny.

Anything with Jim Carrey in it - he's just not funny.

The Naked Gun films - they should have stopped with Airplane II; the jokes are just tired and we've seen them all before.

And not forgetting those pestilential plague-spots that blighted British Cinema in the 60s and 70s - the spin-offs from TV series (On the Buses, etc,) and the so-called sex comedies such the Confessions Of series. Gut-wrenchingly awful.

I think I'll stop now before I give myself a migraine just thinking about them!

Utter tripe!

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Mu Beta

You won't get very far slagging off Robin Asquith films around here. He's got quite a following in the Towers. smiley - winkeye


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Bez (arguaby the finest figure of a man ever found wearing Bez's underwear) <underpants>

Have to agree with you about Titanic, the biggest waste of a budget ever.


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The last thing I want to do is upset any Robin Asquith fans in the Tower

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Researcher 224053

Utter tripe : bag a ****! = SPEED 2.
I'm someone who can look at most objects and suck some element of interest from it. Walked out.

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the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

I watched speed two in French, was actaully better than when I saw it in English, doesn't say much.

Confessions of a ...., On the buses, are you beening served on holiday movies were jut cheap fun expanded british comedies, not good but like a kiss me-quick hat or a naught postcard, they are not meant to be good, they are light hearted entertainment.

The worse films are the ones that actually try and then fail, like titanic - My big gripe, the biggest ship of its age, being modelled by rooms of the best 3D rendering computers, so how comes it has less wave than a small ferry ? If they can't get something simple like that right ...

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You wouldn't want to be getting Migranes now. Your wife might not like it! She might think you wouldn't be up to much!

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Matthew G P Coe

Because at the time, the software wasn't intelligent enough to generate the wake; the animators had to do everything themselves. Apparently they messed it up.

Utter tripe!

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The Phantom Menace was indeed mind-numbingly afwul - so much so that I refused to watch Attack of the Clones. Didn't see Titanic either because I could tell in advance that it was going to be horrible.

The worst film I've seen recently was Perfect Storm - sentimental tosh. And I had to sit through the whole thing because it had been rented on video by friends I was staying with, and they thought it was OK! smiley - grr

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