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Bad Taste

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OB1 Knordic - The Empire strikes back(c)

Directed by the same guy that has directed the LoTR films !

There are some gruesome and inventive moments in this film, but simply not enough. Although I believe that it's impossible to be offended by the constant gore here (since it's so fake-looking and used mostly for visual gags), it IS possible to be annoyed by the film's amateurishness and the often inept camerawork.

Jackson doesn't seem to possess any technical mastery yet; he has many ideas but often films his scenes poorly. The movie isn't nearly as funny or as spectacular or as wild as "Braindead". And it's sabotaged by some terrible actors with sometimes incomprehensible accents

Bad Taste

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Lazy Rog

did you know he did a lot of that film with a wind up camera?!?!

Bad Taste

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And apparently the guns were made of plasticine and had to be held carefully so that they wouldn't bump into the walls or doors and fall apart. If you take into account that it was done on an almost non-existent budget he didn't do too badly compared to some things like Pearl Harbour that cost ten thousand times the amount and weren't half as enjoyable. At least Bad Taste wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Bad Taste

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It was an amatuer film. It took him years to film, with his mates, at weekends and the holidays when they had time off from their jobs! And I must agree with DMS there - it is still a fairly enjoyable film (from an unintrested 3rd party, not me who thinks it is great smiley - smiley) Until later....
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Bad Taste

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Bad taste is fantastic. OK so it hasn't got Richard Gere in it, but if you've ever messed around with a super-8 camera, it's the film you wished you'd made yourself. Same for a movie like Desperado, where Rodriguez couldn't afford a steadicam so he got some of his mates to wheel him round in a wheelchair.

Bad Taste

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OB1 Knordic - The Empire strikes back(c)

I do really like, I mean I have the soundtrack on vinyl !! I was just trying to give an objective review.

Bad Taste

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smiley - wah

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