Avril Lavinge... what a fake!

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i remember a few months ago sitting in college with my mate, she was reading NME and she came accross an Avril Lavinge feature. She read part of this out to me and it made me resent Avril and make me even more disgusted by her presence in the music industry.

It said that she came from a middle class family in a suburban "nice" area in Canada. That she thought that Blink 182 were a punk band and that until she was asked, she never knew who The Sex Pistols were.

To me, i do not believe that she should be allowed to classify herself as "punk" as this slight intro into her life is a direct contradiction of what punk is and stands for.

Many people have stood up for her saying that she writes her own songs and plays guitar. Now, i know many people who play guitar and who play very well... Guitar is one of the most common played instruments so the fact that she can strum a few chords does not impress me.
As far as writing songs is concerned, well, i will say that i have only heard four of her songs, and those four being her singles; 'Complicated', 'Ska8er Boi', 'With You' and 'Losing Grip'.
These songs are pure pop. They are catchy non punk songs about boys n friends...

That annoys me, thats an artist can get into the top ten, even have a number one album like little Avril yet the songs on their album are inane, repeative and cliched.

What is the music industry coming too? Ok, Avril Lavinge sells better than perhaps a band that in my opinion have talent and that i respect, but is it really only about money?
Avril Lavinge's record company have obviously cashed in on her "original" look and marketed it as punk and wrapped it up in a teenage angst package of radio friendly rebellion... they have made punk pretty... who ever would have thought that possible... Of course, it's not really punk but tell that to the average 14yr old Avril fan in three quarter length jeans, a skinny tee n a tie.

They took an image n forced it upon impressionable teenagers who believe they are maladjusted and original and made them feel special... awwwww
It has turned "punk" into a fashion, into an important part of the trendy image...
That of course, is also a direct contradiction of what punk is and always has been.

You are all victims to the money-hungary record companies... i hope you enjoy being part of the in-crowd...
Follow the leader, and in this case the leader is not Avril Lavinge, it is her record company...

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