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What about Klute?

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Psycho Si

How could the person writing this article possibly forget about Klute, one of Durham's three "fine" clubs. Especially as it is allegedly the worst club in Britain. For the record the other clubs are Rixys (actually Club Elysium and Durham's best club) and Cafe Rock (I think that is its name anyway - never been to it)

What about Klute?

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"Best" is surely only comparative though. Klute is a dump, but at least it's not as pretentious as Rixy's, sorry, Elysium, which is 90% full of pissed-up rugby players copping off with sloanes and thinking they're brilliant.

Cafe Rock.. well.. the less said about that place the better.

What about Klute?

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I think, to be completly honest, the only rection to this is 'What about Klute?'

What about Klute?

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What about indeed! Other that the fact that I managed to spend £20 in there one night last term *the shame*


What about Klute?

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Pete - Researcher: 119100.

Klute is awful!
I've only been there once, and won't ever again (it's far too narrow). As for Rixy's/Elysium - £2 for a treble can help you ignore the poor quality of the place.

What about Klute?

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Been there 3 times. At least once did I not enjoy it (packed in the manner commonly likened to sardines) and left soon after. Never again, I hope.

I once promised, that the day I went to Klute, would be the day the Earth blew up. Hasn't happened yet, unless this is indeed the shadow Earth as mentioned in 'So Long and Thanks For All the Fish' by a certain author by the name of Adams.

What about Klute?

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Oh- and "Rixy's" is now known as Club DH1, not Elysium (or Rixy's for that matter). Theone time I went there was on an open day (underage I might add, the only example of my doing such), prior to the name change. No idea what it's like now.

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