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skate "punk" is not punk.
i think i should clear that up straight away.
Although punk started around 1965,(ok, the origins of punk are a little unknown)punk music as it was first classified, in america, more specifically in New York, punk as the type of music, as the culture exploded and became nationally if not internationally known as being the culture of the teenagers of London, England.

From Calafornia, America in the mid-eighties came skate music, although with it's own culture of skateboarding. This music was highly melodic, it was sung and the instruments were played well, the guitars being played using more than the basic punk three chords...
Punk rock was best known for its loud, nasty n obnoxious sound that was not pleasent to listen to, however skate punk is...
it contradicts the original sound of punk.

ok... thats me done... lol

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