The Seymour Arms, Plymouth, Devon, UK

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The Seymour Arms is, in the opinion of many; quite simply the greatest pub in Plymouth. This guide entry is devoted to a pub which many people in the Greenbank Area consider their favourite.


The address for the Seymour is 10 North Street, Plymouth, PL4 8DL. For those of you who don’t know north street you can find the Seymour by walking along the road behind Charles Cross Police station which runs parallel to Ebrington Street, until you see the sign inviting you to turn left for the Seymour. If that makes no sense to you then try Streetmap.

About the Pub

The landlord and lady of the pub are Sue and Steve Launder (Steve was once on the books at Plymouth Argyle). They do a sterling job of running a fantastic pub, and also supporting local sports teams such as Greenbank Wanderers. The bar manager is Dennis Devlin, a very personable and efficient bar manager, Dennis is also a quality pool player.

One of reasons why the Seymour is such a great pub is the clientele. At the Seymour there is a very good mixture of different types of people who all get along quite well. Primarily the Seymour is a Student pub, every year the pub gets an influx of new faces (although it has to be said not to many freshers) coming in. However the great thing about the Seymour is there is also a core of locals who attend the pub. There is no animosity between the two groups. This gives a great feeling of the soul of a proper local pub; e.g. locals and sports teams, without any of the unfriendly atmosphere you sometimes get at very “Local Pubs”. But you also get the lots of new faces, interesting conversations, different tunes on the duke box associated with a Student pub, without any of the soullessness some feel in normal “Student Pubs”.


At the Seymour you get all the amenities you would expect from a local pub. They have a very nice pool table, which is quite reasonable at 50p a game (pretty cheap for near the town centre). A match dart board for the many teams the Seymour has, and a practice board for ordinary folks. The Seymour also has a fine jukebox, many good CDs are contained and you generally get a quite eclectic mix of music whilst drinking there.

The Seymour has satellite television and a projector screen television for excellent sports coverage, as well as two aux TV’s so that more than one event can be covered at a time. However the Seymour isn’t set up to be a sports pub, just one in which you can enjoy sport. When no sport is on TV, or the sound is muted then it is a nice pub for having a quiet drink in.


One of the fantastic things about the Seymour is the excellent range of cheap, but decent pub grub. One of their slogans is don’t come here if you are on a diet. This is true, for your money you get excellent portions. Some of the better dishes are their fantastic burgers, the great pork and leek sausage with onion gravy and mash potato and of course pub favourite cheesy chips. Even when the pub is busy your food almost always comes out very quick. The best bit is when you often buy two meals and two pints and get change from a tenner!

The important bit: Alcohol!

This is what it knuckles down to, the reason why you are going to the pub, to have a drink. The Seymour does not disappoint, there is a large selection of draught beers, cidersand lagers all that you would expect from a good pub. Pretty much all the spirits you can shake a stick at, wine of several varieties, several different types of alco-pops. One slight criticism, no cocktails (however that could be a good thing, cocktails sometimes spoil nights!)


The Seymour isn’t perfect at all, when you have been drinking there for several years, you nitpick about the few faults it has, but generally it is top drawer, and no doubt there are many satisfied cutomers who recommend that anyone who is visiting Plymouth check it out.

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