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Bright Blue Shorts

IMHO All this talk about the entry becoming quickly outdated can be easily avoided by changing the title! Something like "Greenbank Wanderers FC - The Formative Years".

The tense changes would still be needed, the Future section would probably have to be removed.

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Yeah, I think you are correct about the tense changes, and the change in name to the aticle. As you can see from my current nick name I will be without a home PC for a while, but I shall probably get it done at the weekend.

PS Not only are the team happy, they have been getting on my back bout it for ages. Hell I promised a Greenbank Website, bit I not quite sure how to do that so I thought the next best thing, in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

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Elephants? Or Just Niwt?

I was kinda hoping that GW would have a web site, so you could link to it from the entry and then people might have a chance to see some photos. smiley - smiley If you don't know how to set up a web site but need some help, feel free to ask me (or Niwt).

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Where you say the player biographys might be better at the end, do you mean the "Club and Staff" paragraph as well?

I am happy to give it a try as most people have suggested it.

Cheers for the tips 'Number 6' top stuff.

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McKay The Disorganised

I'd say just the player biographies, under a heading like 'First Team Squad 2003-04 Season.' (Note : inclusion in this section is not intended to imply that any stated player is guaranteed a place, nor should any implications about ability, real or imagined, be used as a future arguement at team selection meetings.)

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Number Six

I like your 'disclaimer', McKay!

For my smiley - 2cents, I'd start at the 'The Club and Sponsor' section (you could lose that header if it's at the very top of the article, it's a good introductory paragraph, and it would mean you could get a link to the Edited Guide entry on Plymouth (A260272) pretty high up...) and go from there - just re-writing a little of the Greenbank Wanderers Short History bit to explain who you, Tom and Rik are.

Then stick in 'The Club and Staff' and 'The Rest of the Players' after 'Fitness' and before 'The Future'. Although what McKay suggested might work better - try it, see what looks good.

By the way, I'll wager that Steve Launder takes 'an' active interest...

Once you've made any changes you want with the order, I'd stick it in PR straight away, if I were you - it's got to be in there a week before it can be picked, and any further changes can be made while it's in there.

smiley - cheers

smiley - footballsmiley - mod

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Elephants? Or Just Niwt?

It's and smiley - cool that this PR thread is continuing long after the entry has been removed from PR...you should've left it there...smiley - laugh

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A1116055 - Greenbank Wanderers

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