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wtf is a fake song?

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eugene levy : actor/comedian/composeur of fake songs

i can see it now, some fan coming up to him
fan: man, that was great. those songs were awesome.
EL: what f*cking songs?
Fan: Those songs you just sung, they were so funny
EL: They weren't songs kid.
Fan: What?
EL : They weren't songs. They were fake. Silicone songs, if you will
Fan: But we just sang them. Music, lyrics, I kinda figured that was what made a song
EL : Hey man, they were fake songs, it's your loss if you bought into them do*che bag.
*Walking away*
Gullible idiot.

p.s i am being funny smiley - smiley liked the list

wtf is a fake song?

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paulh. I write captions for pictures of cats. The shame! The shame!

It gets even funnier, though.

Most freelance musicians rely at one time or other on something called "Fake Books," which are huge compendiums of songs likely to be requested at sing-alongs or other functions. The fake books have only the melody lines, and the musician is expected to provide harmony.

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wtf is a fake song?

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