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When you said the page was already very long for a digibox, I tried to think of ways to make it shorter.

Firstly, I don't think you need to have the HEADER in there as you already have one from the page subject/title. Or is there some reason that doesn't show up for digibox users? smiley - erm

Some sentences can be made shorter and simpler with a bit of re-ordering of words. The following (to go between the CENTER tags) was quite a bit shorter and then I added the last two lines... smiley - wah

...you might decide you don't need those lines though. smiley - winkeye


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The YIKES or complaints button will not work from a digibox.
A special service has been set up to help with this problem.

Do NOT use it if you simply disagree with what someone has said.
DO use it if you find something which has broken the House Rules.

First, make a note of the page it is on.
If it is a researcher's personal space, their "U" number is near the top right of the page.
If it is a guide entry article, the "A" number is at the top left of the page.

Next, if the problem is a post in a conversation, make a note of:
the post number and
the title of the thread at the top of the conversation.

Finally, have your own h2g2 nickname and "U" number ready.

Then E-MAIL the group at h2g2-yikesing[email protected] dot co dot uk

Say where the problem is and who you are.
Say why you think the item should be yikesed.
Your own words will be used in the complaint.
Your own email address will also be used.
This is so that you get the confirmation email and result of your complaint direct from the moderators.

If you disagree with their decision you should reply to that email and not email the group.
This is so the staff can look into the matter more quickly.


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Thanks for that smiley - smiley
I have made the changes smiley - ok
I have got a copy of the original, I will compare the two tomorow and mix and match smiley - ok

now I am of to smiley - zzz

manda smiley - peacedove

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