The Ghostly Gorilla

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There is a mystical phenomenon existing in the world today, known (to the illumunati) as 'The Ghostly Gorilla.' For those of you have seen the havoc it wreaks and wondered how the devastation has come about, I shall explain. It is surprising how many people, both male and female have been visited by this mystical creature. This is how it operates.
Imagine you have gone out to the pub for the evening and had a great time. When you come home you watch a little television perhaps, then make a sandwich. After tidying up, you retire to bed, take of your clothes and fold them all up neatly, putting bits and pieces away in the drawers and wardrobe. Then you place your loose change neatly on a pile by the dresser, and go to bed. Then it happens. When you are fast asleep, in comes the Ghostly Gorilla, does its work and then leaves before you wake.
In the morning you find your underwear hanging off the lampshade, your money all over the floor, your clothes strewn in crumpled piles around the room, the television is still on downstairs, and the fridge door has been open all night. You have been visited by the Ghostly Gorilla, and what a busy boy he is.

Mystic Martin.

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