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True and brave

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a girl called Ben

What a sensitive poem.

Having been the other woman on more than one occasion, (and even written a guide entry on the subject of how to do it well), it is nice to see something from someone at the sharp end of the triangle.

Don't get me wrong - the guys I slept with were all good-guys. I think that is the point a lot of the time. It isn't only the bad-guys who sleep away, and the women they sleep with aren't bitches either.

A complex situation to be in, as I know to my intermittent heart-ache.


True and brave

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Hi Bensmiley - biggrin, Ive just posted a reply to you on the "Turkey" post. Im glad you liked the poem, there are more on the bottom of my home page, on a link. I never knew that you were female until I read this post smiley - oksmiley - cool, but your right its hard to be on the wrong end, so to say. I was away from home a lot at the time, any way I got divorced when I was 40, but its all on my home page.smiley - oksmiley - coolsmiley - winkeye
smiley - cheersSmudger.

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