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MMVT 17, is planning to create the first of his kind " internet Philharmonic Orchstra over the next 5 month.

Name of the Orchestra:


Players must be 16 years of age & up- min. of 5 years play experience-the last two years min. grade 5-and must have Orchestra Experience.

For more Information please go to : [email protected]
" Where ever you are ? Here you have the change of a lifetime, to play a part : To make History, To say NO to WAR ! To say NO to OPPRESSION !
With the voice you love :" Your MUSIC". Send out your Message to World
in the universal and powerful VOICE : M U S I C !!!!!!


[email protected]smiley - magic

Musican of this World

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Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

What a wonderful idea.

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The Editor of Post has given you a wonderful write-up.

Perhaps you could involve some of the young BBC musicians of the year. I am sure I remember that most of them lovd their computer.

Perhaps you could form a National virtual orchestra in every country and so advance the smiley - peacesign in the world.

What a tribute to youth.

With much affection from an aged smiley - senior who is about sixty years too old to join but who knows a great idea when she reads about it.!.

Do fill in your personal space.

With all good wishes

Also Ran smiley - schooloffish

Musican of this World

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Thank you very mutch for your responce. Please give me 10 min. and I
like to invide you to come with me on backstage to give you some backround of the histroy of this project.

In September 2004 a group of orchestra musican ( normal working class
musican with no fame and big names who do just what they can do best-
music and get paid to pay the bills) was coming back from a world-tour what have started in Vienna , East-Europe,Europe,Asia,India South America,
Australia and back to Europe. The Tour was a good success but have left
bad memoirs with this group.The pictures of poverty and the footprints of former Wars,Oppression,Dictatorship and the suffering of the Victims of these crimes even up to this day have create an
impact in us where is only one way out " To take Action"! Not one of us
belongs to any political groups or other action groups and we dont see
ourself as some " Activists", The power of this project have his roots on the foundation of the knowledge of " Music and his power to unify so
many people as possible on this Planet Earth to stand up in unity to say
for once and for all" This Crime against Humanity " have to stop. Sounds
to dramatic? Not at all! Facts are: The poor performing of the last G8
half of the planet is starving away in front of the eyes of the Western
world, no solution found to come to a positve "Fairtrade Agreement"!!This is only one example for the incompetence of the Leaders and Politican around this World . " Tolstoi ( War and Peace: The only chanche of Peace is a World without Politican) Berthold Brecht: You invide one Politican you have a 75% chanche that you invide corruption to the same time ( interview 1929 ). Gandhi have used " Salt" for his
none violent protest against the " Occopation " for us itis the "Music"
to demonstrate our none-violent protest against the misconduct of the
Human Rights Worldwide and the Crime against Humanity.

In Dec.2004 the group had a nother meeting ( 25 classical orchestra musican from all over Europe) and have build the : The Philharmonic Society For Worldpeace "! ( still not offical) Since this meeting a inside PR compaign around the World was so successful that the funding
to create the first " World Peace Philharmonic Orchestra" is from the financial aspect nearly secure. The next steps are the Audition. From the 17 of August on we start with the PR in 15 Countries to invide Musican to apply for Audition. ( You can see we have change from Internet Audition to life Audition, thanks to the privat sponsors around the World 90% are privat people) A Jury of 9 will travel to each
country for 7 days. Only 1000 Musican can take part over 7 days Audition per Country and only 22 of the best will be the "Music Ambassador" for his Country.In total we will create 3 Orchestras& Extras
The Principle Orchestra with 150 Members,
The String Orchestra """" 70 """""""
The Brass Orchestra """" 60 """"""".
The closing date for the Audition Application is the 28 th of November
2006. The first Audition will be held when everyting goes well in St.Petersburg on 25.02 2007. The final Audition will be in Australia
on the 25.09.2007. We hope the offical first Birthday of all 3 Orchestras on the 15.01.2008 in Luxenbourg. ( This will be the Home Base
for the future)
I hope I have given you a better picture!
For now all the best to you,

p.s. what is this story about age? Thats for the body not for the mind!
We are happy to get help from anyone who likes to be a part ofthis project!There is a lot of work to be done!smiley - ok
Ther is a lot to

Musican of this World

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Musican of this World

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Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

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Very dear friend,

Thank you for your wonderful explication of the World Peace Orchestra. You have certainly come to a lot of decisions already. and a lot of planning has gone into it.

Do you have a central Trust fund for those who would like to contribute to it's success couls approach? Do you have offers from any conductors who would also give thier services gratis?

It is so good to hear of a plan for stimulating World Peace with the beatiiful meldies of music instead of the wretched rat-tat-tat and huge booms of guns.

smiley - peacesign
Christiane AR1 smiley - schooloffish

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