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Word Play 10.07.03

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Post your words in this forum only.
Please try to keep chatter to a minimum so that others can easily read your words.
Good Luck...


Word Play 10.07.03

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hmm, first one smiley - smiley

Word Play 10.07.03

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Post Team


shazz smiley - thepost

Word Play 10.07.03

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Word Play 10.07.03

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Titania (gone for lunch)


Word Play 10.07.03

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marvthegrate LtG KEA


I looked, it is mentioned on the dictionary site.

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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least



Word Play 10.07.03

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Proudest smiley - winkeye

Joe Csmiley - catsmiley - sheepsmiley - angel

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dancinglady (Life's truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way)


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Word Play 10.07.03

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Jimi X


How about Rusted

smiley - cheers
- Jimi X

Word Play 10.07.03

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Hikaru Poet


Word Play 10.07.03

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted


Word Play 10.07.03

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St Romani Angel Guardian of Crystals. Minister of Coffee now on the decaff!!



Word Play 10.07.03

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Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses


Word Play 10.07.03

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darakat - Now with pockets!


Word Play 10.07.03

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Post Team

Excellent words this week everyone...

Here's the all important points...

Shazz 9 points
Cleo 8 points
Titania 8 points
Joe C 8 points
dancinglady 8 points
Sir Mort 8 points
rooftiler 7 points
LuckyStar 7 points
Teasswill 7 points
Hikaru Poet 7 points
Kandyman 7 points
darakat 7 points
Jodan 6 points
Jimi X 6 points

Sorry to Marv the Grate whose word seems only to be recognised by M-W if part of a phrase and also much regret to St Romani who had a repeated word so it is not allowed...

~hugs to you both~


Word Play 10.07.03

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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least

Hi Greebs,

Sorry to split hairs but

"All you have to do is make a word from the letters provided"


"Only words found at MERRIAM-WEBSTER ONLINE (UK) site will be deemed acceptable in this game. Sorry for any inconvienance caused, but there has to be limitations to words, and that is where I will go to look up any words unfamiliar to me, or words that I am unsure about. If they are not found in the Merriam-Webster database, then the word will be deemed null and void"

don't seem to disallow 'Deus' - it's a word made from the letters provided and *can* be found at the M-W site. Nothing in the rules seems to preclude a word that is only used in one certain phrase in English. I'm sure that there are plenty of other words in English that may only be used in one phrase or context (I just can't think of any just now...)

You might also want to add 'Greebo's decision is final & no correspondance will be entered into' to save yourself hassle from idiots like me (although I'm not sure how fair it would be to amend/change the rules midway through a round...)

smiley - smiley I'm normally quite a sociable person to be around... smiley - smiley


Word Play 10.07.03

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Post Team

Hi.. no worries... ~grin~... me doesn't mind a bit of hair splitting as long as the hairs being split are not mine...

Me did think long and hard about Deus... but was not sure if Deus stood up to being a word on its own... or needed other words joined with it to make sense if you know what me means...

M-W seemed to indicate that Deus was not a word used on its own but combined with others in phrases... thus is Deus an english word in its own right... I was not sure... and erred on the side of caution...

I knew if anyone had any problems they would come forward and let me know... which is good and proper... and me will always rethink my decisions if the need arises...

Me has took advantage of the many dictionaries that me has in the Lair... and they all seem to indicate that whilst (example)'dues ex machina' has a meaning in the english language... the single word Dues does not... that is why I failed the word...

If anyone knows different... then please do say...


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