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Frazzled brain, stress-related headaches, loss of social life for a month. Symptoms of what, I hear you ask? I'll tell you. A-Level finals. You'd think that, at 29, I'd know better! But no, this researcher has just finished these dreaded instruments of mental torture, and is gearing up for another round next year! As if the exams themselves weren't bad enough, I had the misfortune to have to sit through them in agony with my ankle injury. At least I had permission to do my written papers on PC or laptop, because of a problem with my hand. But it wasn't much fun, really. I could take off or loosen my 'space boot' (a la David Beckham), but was still doped up to the eyeballs on painkillers. Didn't help me having my birthday right after AS Media and the weekend before A2 Eng. Lit paper 4. The worst one was Eng.Lit paper 6. As I had 25% extra time, I was sat in that exam room for 3 3/4 hours!!!!!!

You need to go into the exam with a VERY clear head, so no hangovers or drinking sessions the night before, or you will regret it. Had a serious attack of dyslexia in the middle of my Drama exam, had to keep going back and deleting spelling mistakes and changing letters around. Tip is to type or write fast, but keep an eye on what you are writing. Worst case scenario is writer's block. You're left staring into space, wondering what to write, eating all your sweets and chewing the end of your pen. Terrible when that happens.

But they are all over now <:)> and I have to wait until August 14th for the results. Good luck to anyone else out there in the same position!

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