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Awaits with Interest.....

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.....for your next offerings.

Those I saw through whisky-fuelled haze at the post-meet meet, were a tantalizing appetizer.

Awaits with Interest.....

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I too will look forward to them, as I remember laughing like a drain, but can no longer remember what at. Eustace was damnably good though and shall be missed.
smiley - cheers

Awaits with Interest.....

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Post Team

Eustace hasn't exactly 'gone' - he will be just a little less frequent in visiting us all! smiley - biggrin

Ah yes - I remember that laugh Munchkin! smiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - thepost

Awaits with Interest.....

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Oooo Lummee, that doesn't sound good. smiley - erm

Awaits with Interest.....

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There was a reason for plying you with half a bottle of whisky, Munchkin and Toccata, but as I plyed myself with it too, I'm dashed if I can remember what it was.

Awaits with Interest.....

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Rivkeh Yankee-Shoes... bashing about the BoE again

Well, I'm generally sober when I peruse Eustace here in the USA, and I love all your posted work! Can't wait to see what comes next!

your american fan,

smiley - fairyYankee-shoes

Awaits with Interest.....

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Well its nice to see that I am not the only one who can't remember much from last Saturday. And yes, his "etchings" are good, both drunk and sober, which is no mean feat. smiley - winkeye

Awaits with Interest.....

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As far as I am aware, his feat aren't mean either.....

smiley - zensmiley - devilTerri

Awaits with Interest.....

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Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

Awww... Spimmy-baby!!!! Magazines and rejections are a part of the hurting process that has to happen before the healing process begins!!! I'm counting my rejections (for my book) as battle scars to be worn with PRIDE!!! smiley - winkeye

Hang in there.... smiley - hug

Awaits with Interest.....

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Dragonfly: I don't mind the rejection; it boosts my sense of creative self-righteousness. And besides, I owe my current style to an early rejection by Ingrams.

Yankee-shoes: thank you; nice to hear from someone new. Flatterers and admirers always welcome.

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