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Researcher 234116

Why not make an excellent different movie, derived from the presumption that the plot can go any which way, but the most probable one?

Then you can't compare, but you will be free to enjoy the merrits of the movie by it self.



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Well, the in various ways that the Hitch Hikers story has been presented the story has been different.

The radio show was different from the records, which were different from the stage play, which was different to the books.

Sometimes the difference are small, and sometimes they are fairly large.

So, with any hope, the film version will follow this tradition, and be different from all the rest!



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Mr Jester, CEO of the bored

exactly. the irony of it is that the best way to remain true to hitchhiker is not to remain true to the story.


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I agree totally. Most postings have been so negative toward the prospect of a movie, but Douglas's dream was to see his characters on the big screen. Just because people prefer the radio show and regard it as THE definitive version, it doesn't mean that there is no room for Hitchikers to appear in a different form. If the movie is a flop (which I dearly hope it isn't) then those moaners can go back to their (and my) cherished radio show.


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One Who's Name is Bill

Movie adaptations are tough of course as everyone knows. But having said that I think if the film makers come close and the fans keep an open mind to small differences it can be a success.

I think the X-Men movie might be a good example.... people's ages were different than in the comic and no one wore the vivid uniforms that became so much a part of the characters in the drawn material but, in spite of this (and even in some cases because of this) the movie captured the spirit very well. -after all, spandex uniforms just have never looked realistic and probably hit their peak with Superman in the 70's.

I think the Hitchhiker's movie will be great!!! (keeping that positive attitude ; )


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Mr Jester, CEO of the bored

I read the hitchhikers books (I'm sorry to say I haven't heard the radio version) and with every page said to myself "this would make a great movie."

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