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Wit and information? A deadly combination. A delightful read and oh so true. many years ago our GP came round shortly after the birth of the first offsprung. She, being a woman from the eastern block and therefore not a devotee of the santitised states of the US declared,
'Vot do you sink you are doing? You vill kill zis child..zee house is far too clean. He 'as to 'ave germs to defend imzelf!'

Vonderful voman... saved me years of housework.
thanks for the read.
take care

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They knew what they were about in the Old Country. smiley - smiley My mother, who was from that part of the world and studied medicine there, was convinced that fresh air killed germs and would cure anything. She aired out the house every day, even in the dead of winter.

I'm glad you enjoyed the column. I'm looking forward to more Doghouse Tails, when you're up to it again.

smiley - hugsmiley - rose

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What's 'the old country' exactly? Do you mean Britain? (or elsewhere?)

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