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Well, this is a jolly topic is'nt it? I mean war is bad enough, but nuclear war is even worse. What is nuclear war? If you are asking this question you are either five years old or have been living under a rock for the past fifty years. Nuclear War is the ultimate in human stupidity (and beleive me there's quite alot of human stupidity about). It is quite simply a way in which this puny species of humanity can burn itself out, quite literally, if it feels the urge to do so. In 1945 the first atomic bomb was dropped by the Americans on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, this one bomb totally destroyed the city and killed hundreds of thousands. This manuevre caused the Japanese people, quite sensibly in the circumstances, to surrender in the face of untold carnage. This ended World War 2. However with the demise of one evil the human race was left with another, that of the threat of total atomic destruction. In the period immediately after the war two vast super-powers developed. The United States of America (USA) and The Soviet Union (USSR, which means something in Russian but I have no idea what since I am an ignorant British schoolboy). Both these powers had access to atomic and nuclear weapons, meaning that the had the ability to cause an apocolyptic amount of death and destruction. To make matters worse The USA and The USSR were not the best of freinds, since the USA was capitalist (this is mine, thats yours, unless I steal it from you, which I will) and the USSR was communist (this is mine and thats yours, but its also mine as well, so by rights what I have is in fact yours too, but generally this system is too complicated and no-one can be bothered making it work) This difference in social and political (boo hiss politics) attitudes meant that the two powers were diametrically (is that spelled correctly? Who cares?) opposed and so were very aggresive towards eachother. This began the Period known as "The Cold War" a period in which the USA and USSR shouted at each other enough but no-one was willing to throw the first punch since the use of nuclear weapons meant that everyone would die anyway, this view was supported by a theory called Mutually Assured Destruction (interestingly abbreviated to MAD, ironic in that the situation was and the theory was'nt). So basically The USSR and USA annoyed each other alot, which seems with hindsight a very very silly thing to do since one or other could get rather cross and make your once pretty country a smoking hole in the globe, but thankfully no-one had the guts to press the button to start the fireworks. Eventually the USSR's social and Political (hiss) system, though noble in design, became corrupt, over complicated, and obselete. Meaning the Soviet Union collapsed and the new Russian (capitalist) republic became very chummy with the USA. This meant the end of The Cold War and with it the end of good spy films on TV. You would think this would solve the problem? Oh no. Technology being what it is (funny people saying that, what exactly is it?) other people layed their hands on nuclear weapons, quite alot of other people in fact. And guess what? Yep, some of them dont like eachother either, so instead of having one big Cold War now we have alot of small ones. And still strangely a lack of good spy movies, unless you count James Bond, which I dont since I think they are more about gadgets, explosions, fast cars (Hooray!) and beautiful women (HOORAY HOORAY!!) than true espionage. Anyway to cut a long story short Nuclear War is a very very bad thing. So it's in everyones best interests not to let it happen. Or, well, we'll all die. Which cant be good can it?

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