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Is it dead or alive?

We have a heart full of love for the right person, a body thats right for love making. The ability to love with passion, so
where are all the single romantic men in the world? Are they already married or committed to someone? Is there no men left for us single women or are the men today right off romance? When was the last time someone
opened the door for you? Or gave up their seat for you? Yes I know that could be just chiverly but when its your partner doing it, then it could be romantic.With todays ideas and womens lib have the men been turned off romance? Some of the woman of today think they have to do everything for themselves and therefore make the first move in a relationship so the men seem to have stopped persuing the fairer sex.

Somewhere out there there has to be a Mr Right for all the lonely mature female souls who have so much love for the right male.
Or are the men scared off women now?
Which ever the cause it seems romance is dead.

Yet look around and you see loving couples who have been married for many years. So where are todays romantic men?
Whats the problem with romance?
Is it to easy to just have one night stands or that casual affair that does'nt last long? Is Romance dead?

Through the years past there have been great romances, like Anthony and Cleopatra or Romeo and Juliet but you dont see romances like that anymore. Not that we woman want a romance to end in death mind.
But somewhere out there is a romance waiting to happen.

What is romance anyway?
Well it can be anything that gives pleasure to the recipiant and giver, Things like;
leaving a note when you go out, a little note that says "I love you" or one that just has a "mwah" on it,or even something really personal that only means something to the two concerned,,
Being with a crowd and looking across to find your partner at the same time as they do, eyes meet and that little smile that means such a lot, that sends shivers down your spine,
Walking past your love and one or both of you brush fingers across an arm, a little squeeze and theres no need for words.
Romance can and does mean sex as well, The act of "making love" can be very romantic, but this isnt the place to go into that,
Another defanition could be buying your partner a gift, nothing big it can be something not worth anything in value but would mean more in the item and the giving, ie something that reminds one person of the other.

So where is Romance? It is out there, this researcher has seen it with her daughter and her new husband of 5 days and its been seen with the friends who've been married for years.
So its not always a generation thing either. There are young people who are just as lonely as us older ones,
So while the question is asked "where are the romantic men". It is out there, it is alive and thriving so perhaps the question should be, "How does one find the romanctic males?"
Come on fella's, show us females that romance is not dead.

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