Bacon and/or sausage sarnies in London

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There is a rule that clean, tidy, nice smelling places with large breasted lasses generally serve the best food.
This is true except in the case of bacon and/or sausage sarnies. For the prime sarnie search out the place where the
food is cooked in the congealed fat that has deigned to drip off the ceiling, where the garnish consists of ash and
whatever was living on the chef's sleeve.
A lot can be judged just by the look of the 'chef'- if he/she has not had a bath in a week, has clothes that have never
seen persil but have heard rumours of that strange device, the washing machine, where you can't tell if the woman
has stubble or maybe it's dirt or maybe it's not a woman: then you know that you are on to a good sarnie.

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