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First, this is not an objective movie review with facts about the shooting process or something. It's a very subjective report about my view of the sequel to "The Matrix". Feel free to tell me *your* personal opinion.

I admit that I went to see "The Matrix" mostly because of Keanu Reeves. That may be shallow but whatever. Seeing the film I was really impressed with the special effects and I liked the characters. I liked the story, too, though - let's face it - it's not an original or new one.

Today I went to see the sequel "The Matrix reloaded" and I'm really, really dissappointed. And not because my expectations were set too high but because it's just not a good movie.

Action sequences and wannabe-philosophical speeches do not make a movie work!

In the first Matrix-movie the "bullet time" was invented. And that was great. It was only used in short sequences after which things were switched back to normal speed. But in this movie it felt as if they showed minutes in bullet time. It was just way too much, way too long.

And well, Keanu Reeves and the rest of the cast did learn a lot of martial arts in the course of the last few years. But to somebody who's don emartial arts herself you can still clearly see a difference betwenn Kean Reeves and let's say Jet Li or Jackie Chan. I mean, they do it for 30 years or more. The actors just can't move like the actors in a Hong Kong production can, so they shouldn't try so hard. It doesn't work.

I already mentioned it but let me say it again: That philosophical nonsense really annoyed me. If I was in the audience, when Morpheus gave his speech about why he isn't afaraid, I sure as hell wouldn't have cheered - I would have gone home and continued to be afraid. because what he said didn't make any sense.

Also, the audience doesn't need to be told things like a hundred times. We understand it after the first time, thank you. Less is more.

Okay, well, I guess, it's become pretty clear that I'm not happy with this movie. I'm even less happy because I really loved the first movie. But this sequel just confirms every bad cliche about sequels: If a movie wasn't intended to have sequels, just leave it at that. Or take your time to make the sequel work. Please!

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