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OK...on the big brekkie this morning was a request for info on scrambled eggs. I never eat them myself but was forced to make them every morning when I was a nanny at this Manor house in Oxfordshire many years ago. Taught by an old lady with knarled fingers my scrambled egg is reknowed to be the best around. Heres how you make it.
Allow 2 eggs per person and break them into a bowl. do not whisk them but mix them a little until the yolks are broken into the whites but it is still streaky looking. add 2 tablespoons of water per serving and a knob of butter. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Place in a heavy bottomed pan on a very low light and mix slowly. After a few minutes it starts to thicken, at this stage place in a heat proof bowl and into a warm oven or better still the cool oven on an Aga. leave for 5 to 10 mins and serve. It should be hot and semi solid, best served on hot toat
. Enjoy!

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