Whimmydiddle - Appalachian folk toy

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How to make one
You’ll need:
A sharp pocketknife
Three sections of a green hardwood branch (maple or oak) – 8 inches, 4 inches, and 2 inches
A Drill
A 1-inch nail

Peel the bark from the branches with the knife, remembering to stroke the knife away from your body<FOOTNOTE>Safety first!</FOOTNOTE>.
Take the 8-inch piece and whittle one end so it tapers to a point.
Cut six evenly spaced notches along one side of the 8-inch piece. The notches should each be about a quarter-inch deep.
Take the 4-inch piece and whittle half of it so that it tapers to a point.
The 2-inch piece will be the propeller so you’ll need to whittle the two opposite sides of the branch until they’re flat.
Take the 2-inch piece and whittle into the center to create an hourglass shape the top and bottom should be balanced for this to work properly.
Drill a hole through the balance point of the propeller and slip a nail through it.
Cut of the sharp end of the 8-inch piece and push the nail into the flat tip.

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