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This week:

All hail youth! And spook.
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As h2g2 evolves and grows, it naturally attracts new and younger researchers.
There have been several conversation threads lately expressing some concern that the site is dumbing down to pubescent levels. smiley - wizard Well, duh!

So before we feature some very young writers to prove how wrong it is to assume kids only wanna talk trash, here are some facts that ought to be kept in mind, in no particular order:
Many of the 'adult' researchers who have been here for more than two years, myself included, are simply running out of things to talk about.

Many older researchers fail to see that new threads started by younger people are just as valid as many of the older conversations.

It is only natural that the newer researchers would generally be younger and that they will want to discuss issues of interest to the young.
Yes even 'trivial' things.

Because many older researchers have left, either in frustration over some cause or situation or just from sheer boredom, there are simply fewer of them to talk to.

And there is some hope that all the 'young ones' who joined two or three or even four years ago are now much, much more mature. smiley - winkeye
So let us celebrate youth!
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U208224 is just thirteen (13) years old.

She recently wrote a very interesting piece on Castles which brought much positive comment in Peer Review and the usual assortment of 'helpful criticism' which U208224 tried at first to absorb and accomodate. Not much has been seen of U208224 lately and by default her entry found itself in the Flea Market.

by U208224

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Darkwin's only 14.

But he has a way with Fruitcake smiley - biggrin

Here's the latest instalment in his ongoing series:

NEW →smiley - spaceA1041300smiley - space← NEW

And in case you missed previous epsiodes:
Void Fruitcake #1
Void Fruitcake #2
Void Fruitcake #3
Void Fruitcake #4
Void Fruitcake #5
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Last week we introduced you to
She too is young, of university age but with a wisdom that is ancient. She is proud and happy to share something of her unique world view as an aboriginal American. Some of her entries will quite 'naturally' upset your own desensitised and 'civilised' vision of the Cosmos, ultimately for the better.
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As long as she is willing to share with us her native American culture we'll continue to feature her writing and here is another example:

The Story of Yan
by Analiese

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And also last week we started a new series by the youthful (actual age unknown)
[HPB] Kryten smiley - space
who seems to be able to change his name the way some people change socks.
Apparently he is now
U198644smiley - weird

an epic tale in many parts.
smiley - wizard

smiley - spaceA1041292 The Madness of King's Gorge (sic) smiley - space← NEW

It all started here:
Fragmented (Part I) - Apocalypse Now

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And finally, every week:

CAC features something from the menu at
smiley - surfersmiley - space Spook's wonderful Spaced Out Guide smiley - spacesmiley - planet

Here's some sci-fi poetry:

by U205361

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Now don't forget

There'll be lots more CAC next week in the h2g2POST.
If you know any overlooked writers or want to point us to any lost and forlorn entries that deserve a wider audience, please, just drop us a note by posting at:
the join AggGag/Cac in conversation page
Yes, smiley - ok of course
you can recommend your own compositions.
We'll let the

be the judge. smiley - devil

On behalf of the Committee for Alien



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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."

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