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Scrambled Eggs

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47318 - I am a number not a free man

One of the best hotels where I've had scrambled eggs is the Algonquin in New York.
Not only are they light and fluffy, they also contain added extras like bits of pepper as an added talking point.

Scrambled Eggs

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The scrambled eggs are extremely good in the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.

Scrambled Eggs

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The Liquidator

I have to say, although I have never eaten in NY, I doubt if the quality of their scrambled eggs could possibly match that of the breakfast room at The Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo. Not only do they taste creamy and remain light and fluffy, but they are served in a solid silver tureen, not unlike the one described by Ford Prefect on national TV this morning.
The Liquidator

Scrambled Eggs

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I can't stand the things myself; ever since an injection as a child where the innoculum culture was grown in eggyolk. However, my friends seem to enjoy the eggs served at breakfast in the Auld Hoose on St. Leonard's St, Edinburgh.

Scrambled Eggs

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OutRage - Researcher 50103

Personally, I tend to eat on the move, but McDonald's scrambled eggs have a very... 'unique' texture and flavour, and I just love the way they sometimes taste of fish...

Scrambled Eggs

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I agree entirely - a great hotel especially for English breakfast. But what about poached eggs. (See mine)

Scrambled Eggs? I can think of better.

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A big meaty Lorne sausage in a buttered roll, with tomato ketchup, is what I really like in the morning.

Scrambled Eggs

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In Switzerland, I had breakfast in a small village called Rotenegg.
I chose the continental breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs

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Chalaza Researcher 16977

I AM the quintessential Queen of scrambled eggs!

Scrambled Eggs

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88425 (...older, and yet LESS wiser...???)

I cook scrambled eggs in the microwave. I find you get the best, lightest, fluffiest eggst that way.

Scrambled Eggs

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The microwave is, I believe, the McDonalds trade secret referred to earlier.. Several permutations of the 'breakfast sandwich' are possible using this method. A bit of water in the place of milk, a la omelette and there you are.
Pardon my French.
Would share more research on this topic, but this is ongoing...

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Scrambled Eggs

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