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The_Jon_M's packets of (not-so)useless knowlegde

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the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

Hmm, letters me see ..

Patents / Patenting
Beer and consumtion thereof
Computers/ techonology thereof, history of, abuse of, addiction to
Web stuff
Physics and pop-science
according to my degree, Astrophysics, but I doubt it !!

Music in general, in particluar ...
Blues - And the surrounding US depression era culture
Brit-beat 60s
Bob Dylan and folk rocky stuff

History -
Mainly Greek - esp Mythology
World War 2

Sports -
Motoracing, and motorbikes
Football - or the School of Science varient

Paganism, tarot, occult,

Trains, Planes, Automobiles (cars for us normal folk)

Geogrphical wise ~ London, Essex, Manchester, Liverpool probably are my areas

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The_Jon_M's packets of (not-so)useless knowlegde

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