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Writing Workshop: A1033660 - The Human Genome Project

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Maus Merryjest

Entry: The Human Genome Project - A1033660
Author: Maus Merryjest - U224647

I would appreciate any commets you may have concerning this entry before I submit it for peer review.

A1033660 - The Human Genome Project

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Mammuthus Primigenius

Hi Maus

Nice work. It's certainly ready for peer review.

My comments:

The history section seems a bit unbalanced with details of the start of the project, but little on recent years (which have been very interesting). It needs a proper explanation of what has been done and what still needs to be done.

It's not always clear when you are talking about sequencing and storing an individuals genome, an when you mean that of the species in general. There is a difference (eg. in the ethic section.)

It needs an introduction and a few sentences to link sections together. Some links to other h2g2 articles and the extensive bbc directory would be nice too.

An entry on a subject like this will probably attract lots of comments in PR and lots of people will suggest things to put in. Be prepared for a lot of editing.

smiley - ok MP

A1033660 - The Human Genome Project

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Author has elvised by a long way - flea market for this one?

smiley - panda

A1033660 - The Human Genome Project

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Flea Market it is.smiley - ok

smiley - dragon

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