Sierra Nevada Mts.

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This is the very beginning of my research into the subject. It is one that I am sure will have many facets, and will require a great deal of help in compiling.

This area is right now going to be a place to stockpile related info until I refine it.

entries found in search 'sierra':

"My first summer in the sierra"

Not EG. John Muir's book etc..
"The Donner Party"

EG. Hardships of the range and it's passes.
"Ghost Towns"

EG. Mentions Bodie.
Great Film Locations

EG. Mentions Ridgecrest which is in the southern Sierras. The Sierra Nevadas have been used for a number of other movies, old and new.

Subjects to research:

Sierra Wave (cloud form)

East Sierras

Ski resorts

Natural formations;

Devils Postpile- own Non EG that is based of 'Mammoth Mtn', barely touches on DP, RainFalls, and Yos.

Hot Creek,

Perched Boulder,

Rainbow falls,

Mt Whitney...

John Muir trail

Yosemite 'Yosemite NP, CA, USA'Well named but limited, not EG


West Side

?Have a ref from misspelling of 'sierra'?

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