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The point of this page is that is for me to post stuff in my life I want to bring to God's attention. If there is anything/anyone any of you want prayed for or anything you want to say to or about God feel free to post at the bottom & I'll add it too.
You can put as much or as little detail in as you like.

I intend to update specific prayers as circumstances change too.

Enjoy! :)



<star> Diabolos
<star> Roo
<star> Mike
<star> Alex
<star> Clare
<star> Claire
<star> William
<star> Mum & Dad
<star> Jon
<star> Tristan
<star> All Flat/Hall mates
<star> Vicky & Chavaunne
<star> All other uni mates
<star> Simrit & Dawn
<star> Jamie
<star> Zahira
<star> Jenny

<star> Various involving the above people
<star> Iraq
<star> Deforestation & habitat loss everywhere
<star> Too much litter (pet hate of mine)/unrecycled waste
<star> People hating each other/themselves/this world
<star> GM - why?!?
<star> The inability of people to get along & help each other, its always me me me...

Thank you for...

<star> Friends
<star> a loving family
<star> Mike & the promise of a happy future
<star> Birdsong - esp those buggars who wake me up at dawn
<star> Stars
<star> Green leaves & flowers in spring
<star> Dew on the grass
<star> Rainbows
<star> Health & freedom
<star> Woodlands & open meadows

<star><star><star> Thank You for Your promise of our entry into Your eternal rest. Thank You for showing us infinite mercy & love. Thank You that by the Grace of Your Son we are saved <star><star><star>

We pray all of this in Your Holy name


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