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The lord of the dragons

Fine nothing broken.Well as far as I know and you know my place.

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Time Traveller - Knights of h2g2 Astronomer - Chairman of the Society of Time Travellers

Well, I better get to work then...

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Sapna- Melt hearts NOT ice caps <3

This convo is very confusing
Anyway,i will try to get my badge up....

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Post 524

Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit looking round
"Anybody know where those chisels are ? smiley - biggrin (for making the names)

Hi there Time Traveller, welcome back smiley - cheers quite a lot of changes in your absence. We even have a public transport system these days smiley - tardis. "

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Post 525

Aries (ACE)

Why a chisel? We have new fangled things these days called a computer controlled scriber. You type in the words click "Do" or "Go" or if you're of a more violent persuausion (or it's powered by windows) you kick it to get it going.

I wish to join

Post 526

bluewolf482 - Lycanthrope Rights Activist

smiley - fullmoon Hello. I am bluewolf482, an ardent supporter of werewolf rights. Due to the nature of my work, I wish to travel back in time and prevent the werewolf attacks that gave us such a bad rap. Please contact me if I can join this group.

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Post 527


Ahem. Ahem, ahem.


I would like to join with the title of "Keeper". My main intention is to prevent interference and to eliminate unnecessary temporal anomalies.

Well, I say unnecessary, but I really just mean anomalies that I don't enjoy observing. You wouldn't believe some of the paradoxes I've seen in my day. Absolute hilarity!

Anyway, I am willing to take other titles if deemed necessary. I have experience in many a temporally-related area, including the creation and maintenance of time-winding apparatus.

And, if I may say so myself, I come with excellent references. I'll put it this way - my work for Death did not go unappreciated.


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Post 528

towel42- the antisocial socialist

I have wiped my feet thouroughly, and would quite like to join. smiley - smiley

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Post 529

towel42- the antisocial socialist

Oh, as Official Manager Of All Things Too Odd For The Average Person, or something to that effect. smiley - winkeye

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Post 530


Entry # 1, before reading the thread:

Special interests in time; the causal analysis approach to resolving dilemmas of inductive logic, founded on differentiation of order of events in causal systems in terms of durational, chronological and psychological standards, from the points of view of any respective observers and the actual system of events; differentiation of discontinuities in the reported durational, chronological and psychological frameworks of orientation; quantum and wave mechanical time.

Preferred Title: Observer

Entry # 2 follows, after I read the thread.

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Post 531

Xarin Sliron currently into cheesecake

Ello I am Xarin Sliron (Xarin for short) and I would like to join as temporal magician(time magic rocks smiley - winkeye)

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Post 532


2nd posting, on posts 1 - 120

On post # 9, second username: GreenEyedSloth

...passing reflection I've not so far seen any accounts of real life time travel incidents. The earliest of mine I can remember follows.

I stepped around the corner of the house and saw a portal open (it looked like a rather raggedy edged hole in space) a short fat man and an even shorter skinny man stepped out of it. Being only two years of age at the time, I did the natural thing and screamed and ran away, to my Grandma, relating what I'd seen. As I fled, I remember hearing one of the men remarking, "We've got to get out of here."

My father afterward complained that the family car had been stolen.

On post 19, amusing. ...A few one handed clocks besides the 2 and 3 handed clocks, digitals and other kinds. Of course a clock calibrated in moles and moles squared of quantum time. (A mole squared of quantum times is about five hours, 19 minutes and some barely significant seconds. A mole of quantum times is very near the effective limit of the possible with respect to precision of measurement.)

On post 51 Isaac Asimov's "The End of Eternity" provides a useful illustration of one of the psychological conundrums of time travel, a phobic response to encounters with oneself. There is an opposite to be found in the TV serial "7 days", in which, in one of the episodes, the protagonist is depicted simultaneously briefing and debriefing himself prior to embarking on a mission and after return, a rather wholesome display of self acceptance.

On posts 61 and 62, ...acceleration of rate of spatial displacement yields deceleration of rate of temporal displacement... Cosmological implications to that, time is traveling more slowly in the here and now than it was during the early phases of cosmological expansion, unless one factors in the relativistic effects of gravitational compression, comparatively speaking. This has implications also with respect to time travel, since decompression stops analogous to those of deep sea diving are required for travel over geological and cosmological time.

...alas, for the moment, "Time Must Have A Stop" (title original with one one of my boyhood neighbors, separated by only 1/10th of a mile and twenty years in time.)

Back later with more.

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Post 533


Having commenced my transformation, I'm back, to continue observing....

Much more reading to do, only made it through the first 120 posts of this thread alone yeasterday. More comments follow.

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Post 534


Test message:

That typo in the message above, it must be the dust coming off my shaggy coat.

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Post 535


I want to join!!!

I am a geek fool!

Some day I will run the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneone!!!!!!!!
w00t smiley - cool
smiley - nahnah
smiley - somersaultsmiley - somersault
smiley - sillysmiley - silly
smiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueout
smiley - weirdsmiley - weirdsmiley - weird
smiley - wow
smiley - jester
smiley - scientistsmiley - scientist

smiley - magic

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Post 536


I want to be part of the time traveller.

My job, if you accept, would be time abnormality creator.

Because my favourite time abnormality is a Chesterfield time-travelling sofa.

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Post 537


hum... just forget my previous post with a lot of smiley, this post I was doing it for joining the fools...

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Post 538

kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

*appeares in the middle of the roomn holding a london bus conductors ticket machine*
*punches air*
yes it works once more

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Post 539

Josh Clarke - The Auburn Time Lord

*Strides in, looking for anyone hiding or lurking anywhere*
Hello, anyone here? Can I join? Blimey, did the Time War do this much damage... smiley - erm

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Post 540

kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

I Think I'm the last, And I'm not even in charge!

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