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Emails again...

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E G Mel

How would you say in French 'You have beaten me to it'? I need to get a good French dictionnary at work, it would make my life so much easier!

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Emails again...

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Loup Dargent

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My mind is blank right now...smiley - yikes

The only thing I could come up with is "Tu m'as battue la" or "Vous m'avez battue la" [with an accent on the 'a' in 'la'] with the added explanation that you were going to say/do/find/guess/etc it... but I have a feeling that there is a better translation for it...smiley - headhurts

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Emails again...

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E G Mel

Well I did think that the direct translation probably wasn't the most appropriate, it doesn't matter, I shall find a way round it! It's just that my friends email arrived as I was opening my inbox to write her an email!

Mel smiley - hsif

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