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tu ou toi?

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Trying very hard to find out when I should use "tu" and when it should be "toi"???


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tu ou toi?

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Loup Dargent

smiley - wow I really never thought of that one...smiley - yikes

I can see now that with "you" meaning "tu" and "toi" there can be some confusion...

My first suggestion would be: if you can replace you with moi [me] then it will be ok to use "toi"...

For example... with "It's you" you can replace you with me so it will be "c'est toi"...smiley - smiley

Same with "after you"... "apres toi"...

I will look into it more deeply though... And will try to come back with a more researched answer...

This post was really to say that your question hasn't been ignored...smiley - smiley

Talk soon...

A bientot..

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tu ou toi?

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Merci! I will try & remember that basic rule.

"je reste avec impatience" & all that, which amuses me, when it really means "Look forward to that"!

à bientôt


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