Charlotte, North Carolina.

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A mid-sized city of nearly a million people, Charlotte is an interesting town. Almost visible to the naked eye is its emulation of the city Atlanta, Georgia. The city council and all affiliated businesses strive, rather stupidly, to become a 'World Class' city through the establishment of larger, more expensive complexes such as stadiums and the like. Its a largely corrupt town, also. A reader with sufficient funds will most likely find their way anywhere they wish. There are several places of interest. The club 'Latino House' is one of the more prominent clubs in the region (That is, the only one I can vaguely remember directions too). Located on the main road 'Indepedence' in mid-town area, it is near the intersection of 'Sharon Amity' and the aforementioned main road. Look for the big, circular shaped store that sells carpet or something very much like it, and turn into the parking area around there. If you have difficulty, stop one of the people wandering around the area and ask them. A fairly decent bar is located somewhat near it, right by the 'Laser Quest' near the intersection of 'Albermarle' roads and 'Independence' roads. You'll recognize it. Stay away from the west side of the town unless you have a vehicle with locks and sturdy windows, and the downtown area is rather safe, but also quite boring to walk around. The 'Omnimax' theatre, located downtown, (There are signs; as to getting to downtown, look for the really tall buildings and drive towards that) plays a 'Pink Floyd Laser Show' on Fridays and Saturdays which can be quite amusing if under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. The best movie theatre in town is the one located at Stonecrest and Piper Glen.

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