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This page contains the archive for the Word of the Week articles

written by Demon Drawer which have appeared in The Post.


 Column Subjects
10.04.03 Napiform
17.04.03 Sternocledomastoid
24.04.03 Enology
08.05.03 Antepenultimate
22.05.03 Adumbration
29.05.03 Pleonasm
12.06.03 Tchotchke
19.06.03 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian
26.06.03 Boondoggle
10.07.03 Copacetic
14.08.03 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
29.01.04 Pogonophobic
05.02.04 Yurt
12.02.04 Cerumen
19.02.04 Dutching
26.02.04 Farding-bag
04.03.04 Halutz, halutzim
11.03.04 Procrastinate
18.03.04 Retroflex
25.03.04 'Mallemaroking' and 'Lagan'
01.04.04 Special Edition A-Z
01.03.10 Illeism

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