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fords - number 1 all over heaven

I love the White Stripes - good old rock n roll stripped to the very bones!


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Zantic - Who is this woman??

Me join, me join...

White Strips?

(plain is a relatively new skin that is just that...oplan white with black writing. To experience it just replace Brunel/goo etc with plain in the URL)


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Researcher 185550

Ah right ok.

The White Stripes have just released their third album (I think)- Elephant. It's very good, like fords_prefect says, rock'n roll stripped down to the bones and dressed up in red and white stripes (I sound like I'm selling in). I suggest you have a look, or if you're going to download a song, download Seven Nation Army, which is the first track from the new album.

Wow, I actually know something!


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Zantic - Who is this woman??

AS soon as I posted that, one of the guys at work put on their first CD. Me like...very basic rock. And then when in large music/vid/dvd hyperstore saw the third cd on display (too cheap to buy it however)

Strange how these things happen..no? smiley - winkeye


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Researcher 185550

Is their first one De Stijl or White Blood Cells?

And I can reveal, for those in the dark, Whether Jack and Meg are brother and sister or husband and wife. They're neither. They /used/ to be married.

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