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I'm back!

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Having spent a year and a half only entering the sacred portals of Library-world as a punter trying to extract Bertrand Russell from the tentacles of 'in store', I am now once again a proper library assistant with ID card and licence to hush.


Right. Any natter? Or am I talking too loudly near the study area again?

I'm back!

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Applauds very quietly. smiley - applause

I'm back!

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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

*manages to stop himself shushing*

Friday's intriguing query:

'Can you help? I was supposed to sign up for something yesterday.'

smiley - ermsmiley - huh

'What sort of something?'

'Oh, some library thing.'

It took a while to work out what she meant...

I'm back!

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Query of the day:

'Why can't I take any more books out?'
'Well, you've already got the full allowance of ten books on your card.'
'But my friend so-and-so has twenty books out!'
'Oh. Umm, is your friend a post-graduate?'
'Yes, he's doing a PhD.'
'Well you see, undergraduates like yourself can only take ten books. PhDs do far more research, so need more books...'
(interrupts) 'Well, I don't think it's fair! Just because he reads more than I do!'

I had to be trained in the usage of tills. I could not earwig further.

I'm back!

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*brings in the smiley - tea*

No silly questions for me this week - I'm enjoying a much deserved half term away from my shelves.

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I'm back!

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