Mindless Vandalism.

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Why is it that the youth of today have no respect for anything or anyone. Last week my husband took chase after a 15 year old youth after he saw him throwing eggs at our front window. At first glance we thought these were ordinary hens eggs, then we noticed that the shells were quite large and porcelin white in colour.
The police were called and the said youth cautioned even though he denied it.
This morning as i opened the back door to let out our dogs, i noticed that more eggs had been thrown at the side of the house. This time the shells were a pale jade green in colour. Again these were not hens eggs. The mess it leaves is bad enough but that isn't what gets to me, it's the thought of defenceless wildlife suffering just so these mindless youths can have a quick laugh. These individuals are sick, what is the point to it.
What will be their next twisted move for a cheap thrill ?

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