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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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Thanks for making all this available. I have found some of the most ~marvelous~ stuff here.

[brushes a fine layer of dust off a leather-bound tome, opens it with great care, pushes his specs up his nose a bit, and silently mouths the words on the page]

Oh, this one's good! I may have to check it out and take the next few days to pore over it.

[he sets it down gingerly, as if it might shatter asunder, he picks up a roll of vellum and unrolls it, then scans it with his eyes]

Mmmm... This poet... I'll have to find the rest of this person's works. Stirs the heart and the imagination! I bet if I look in the stacks near at hand...

[clasping the roll in his left hand, he rummages through several piles of rolled up sheets, comes up with a pair wrapped in multi-colored ribbon, he smiles a broad smile of triumph]

Yes! If these are as good as the first sample, I'll have to hone my craft to rise to the level of this person. Not envy, mind you; just an impetus to do better, to push my own boundaries and increase my skills.

[he sets the rolls atop the large book, then tucks all the items under his arm]

Excuse me, please, but I just ~have~ to spend some time with these. I'll bring 'em back when I'm done, so if you want to read them, let me know. I'll leave a note at the desk as a reminder to you that they're available...

[he steps into the waning light filtering in through the high windows situated at ground level, light that becomes diffused by the hundreds of shelves and racks of printed material towering up from the floor, light that glints on bindings and lettering and ornate scroll work, light that softens into a haze toward the further recesses of the humongous room, light that falters into darkness and wraps itself around the figure of a slightly built man in a trenchcoat and carrying an adventure-weathered leather satchel]
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