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I would like to add the word micturation, which I learned just a few weeks ago.

Also, could I highlight the plight of people who a) love reading dictionaries (especially on trains, but don't just jump to the rude words) but are b) constrained by their inability to type? There is a school of thought which dictates that one cannot be writer if one cannot spell words out by hitting buttons on a keyboard. I disagree.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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puzzlella (playing word games, solving puzzles)

Typing and writing are very different skills. A writer could employ a trained typist if necessary, but there is an obvious financial penalty unless a tame family member could type and had the time.

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Hello Puzzler! Thankyou for being only the second person I've talked to on this thing. I work a lot, so it's hard to pop back regularly and check out who's up to what.

I'm afraid regarding the whole numbers thing, am at a bit of a loss. I like words much more, they're friendlier and less complex (unless of course you get into clauses and subjunctives, then it's a bit of a maze too) but numbers baffle me. I consider myself to be numerically dyslexic!

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Viojen 2*16+1+3+6=42. Fencing-it's escrime!

Hi Ceenamouse, welcome.
Sorry about the delay.
It's interesting what you've both said about writing vs. typing. I'm not bad at either (although my handwriting is illegible when pressed for time-too bad for my english teacher), but I can't spell at all.
Does make looking things up rather difficult. So if there's a word I want, I tell my friend (who was probably the one who mentioned it and reminded me that I've been meaning to check the etymology/definition) and have her spell it for me!
However, I'm better at numbers. They don't give me as much confusion as some letters (I for some reason always write b's and p's improperly, but typing them I'm fine.)
And grammar, well that's a whole other world.

Will try to add you to our list soon, but in the meantime, have some smiley - cake.


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