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What is it?

H2G2 is lacking an off the wall HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Not the new rubbish version talked about in 'Mostly Harmless', or the one with all the sub editing and cuts etc. The original one, when everyone was happy, and researchers researched, submitted their articles, and they became part of the guide. This is what h2g2 is lacking.

The H2G2 Underguide could be a solution to this, but even so, there needs to be something that is in it's nature, just totally wacky. This is it. The idea is that people write entries, in the style of the original guide, humour etc, and they can/should be totally made up, then post the name of the article and A number at the bottom of this page (as the guide expands, a special area will be created). Copies of those entries will be made, and then edited in only 2 ways - spelling and grammar. And maybe layout, but hey, that don't really count. That entry will then be added to The HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy Spaced Out Edition. Simple really.

Who runs it?

It will always be run by THE EDITOR - the most feared and ruthless researcher of them all. The identity of THE EDITOR must always be kept a secret (it's spook, it's spook), and of course, over time, THE EDITOR may change, and a new editor will appear, with a different style.

Why this?

Pretty simply - it is the wackiest and most outrageous thing around. This spaced out guide will allow multiple entries on the same subject, will put together entries out of simple comments made about other entries, will accept just about anything as long as it contains some information that does not have to be true, and contains humour. Whether the humour works or not doesn't matter, but something like this isn't gonna work if the entries don't try and make every living soul laugh their heads off!

The Underguide is developing, but that process is slow, and is for totally different things. This is to create a wacky guide, and once it has become large and contains many entries, it will make a push for named links, advertisement on the front page, a proper review forum, and any other dam thing people suggest over the next however long it takes to get popular!1

So what is everyone waiting for? Write a bunch of cool entries for this write now, make them up quickly, make them funny, and submit them. This needs a large amount of input quickly, so please don't wait around, become a researcher for the real guide. Hasn't that always been your dream?

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1or not depending on a lot of things...

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