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Every year in downtown Dallas , toward the end of July,
the Mary Kay cosmetic company holds a nationwide convention. It fills up a convention center plus several hotels.
The conventioneers can best be described using estimated percentages, based upon a total of women wearing
convention badges or other Mary Kay identifying marks in public.

    With a male: 10%
      With a male who also wore a badge: 5% or less
    Wearing a dress: 95% or more
    Wearing a blazer: 50%
      Red blazer: 25%
      Aquamarine blazer: 25%
    Wearing at least one award badge: 50%
      At least two: 30%
      At least three: 20%
    Fairly attractive: 25%
    Speaks with a Southern accent: 30%
    Heavily made up: 95% or more
    Sleeps in hotel room with a cartoon of "Red Hot Rhinos Charging for Cadillacs" on the door: 10%
    Looks similar to the "Red Hot Rhino" in the cartoon: 30%

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