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I always quite wanted as a child, one of those fantastic space pens. Finally, one christmas, I got my wish. I was so excited that I'd never need to buy another pen again. Me and this pen, we'd form a bond, and we'd go everywhere together, school, university, work, we had our whole future ahead of us. Unfortunately, another feature of this wonder of technology was it's size. Small. I was a careless child, and by the time the christmas pud had arrived at the dinner table, I'd completely lost the pen. We looked everywhere, but it was never seen again. We theorized that it must have been missing it's fellow space pen friends, got bored with our pre dinner ramblings and beamed off somewhere. That's why I never owned a space pen, I had my heart broken all those years ago, I don't want to go through the same pain again.

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Elusive Space Pens

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