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This entry is a great guide for beginners. I can only see one problem. It is a myth that electric guitars must be played through an amp. This certainly is true if you have an audience, as they arent very loud on their own, but just for practice, they are fine without an amp. Good Job anyway.

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The problem with playing an electric guitar without an amp is that it has a habit of muting any mistakes you might make. I've noticed that when I play 'unplugged' I think I'm doing pretty well, but once I plug into my (admittedly small) amplifier I can sound horrendous as any small mistake I make is very noticeable.

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GTR Music

I agree totally. I sit in front of the TV everynight practising (sad I know). My mistakes only become obvious through an amp but also the muscles used sitting down playing are different to those when playing standing up in a live situation.

All that said, any practice is better than no practice. smiley - biggrin

cheers, Ewan

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